Dewo's Home & Garden Resort

Dewo's Home & Garden is a small new resort, in the district of Lee, Lamphun Province, and is located approximately 130 kilometers south of Chiang Mai. Dewo's Home & Garden is located in the mountains of Lee and comprises an approximately 25,000 square meter area. Our "Loongan" (Lamyai fruit-garden) in the beautiful scenery of Lee offersYou quiet, original and natural environment - ideal for relaxing.

Excursions into the surrounding environment and multitude of opportunities for sport activities round off your pleasant stay. On good roads to get in less than two hours from Chiang Mai to the resort. If you wish, we can also organize your arrival and departure.

Dewo's Home & Garden Resort is thought of as the private retreat and retirement home of Phatchariya Chompoo and Wolfgang fight. In order to fill it with life, we are also happy to score.

Our resort has three bungalows in different sizes and an additional six separate rooms for guests, Bakannte and friends.
The bungalows have their own, fully equipped kitchen,
making it ideal for longer stays with or without a family.
Each bungalow features a large terrace.
On request, we serve breakfast, or prepare delicious Thai or German specialties.
Even a romantic barbecue evening in one of our Pavilions is possible.
Excursions into the surrounding area and the opportunity for a variety of sport activities round off your pleasant stay.